Semester II Calendar 2024

  Mon-Sat        Feb 5-10        First week of classes!

  Thur-Wed      Feb 8-14        Bring a Friend Week!

   Mon-Sat        Feb 19-24     Winter Recess--no classes 

   Mon-Mon       Mar 25-Apr1  Spring Recess--no classes

   Tues               Apr 2            Classes resume  

   Mon, Tues     Apr 22, 23    Passover recess--no classes           

   Fri-Mon         May 24-27  Memorial Day Weekend--no classes                                        

   Sun                June 2       Tentative SHOWCASE date                                                          [excxludes Pre-School classes]

         Final Classes Semester II   [includes Weather Make-ups]               Mon                   June 10                                                               Tues                   June 4                                                                 Wed,Thur           May 29, 30                                                            Fri, Sat              June 7, 8

    Complimentary Group Make-up Class [for absences only] 

        Tues        June  4           3:45-4:30   Preschool/Elementary

                                              4:30-5:30    Middle/High School

                            DANCE ATTIRE

GIRLS: Ballet: Black/pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, soft skirts of any color are optional.  No tutus.  Leotard w/attached skirt   is acceptable.  Convertible or footless tights are acceptable. 
Jazz: Black jazz pants or leggings, any color leotard or plain-colored  tank top or fitted T- shirt, socks or tights, black jazz shoes [any brand split-sole w/heel]. No jazz sneakers except for Jazz/Hip-Hop II & III.
Modern: Any style ballet or jazz clothes, footless tights, socks, no shoes.

Tap: Black or pink leotard w/tights or black leggings, black tap shoes w/socks or tights. Oxford or Junior Tyette style.  No Character tap shoes.

BOYS:  Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz:  White T-shirt, black leggings or sweat pants, black socks for Ballet, black Oxford tap shoes for Tap.      No shoes for Modern.

Dance shoes are not to be worn outside.  Please have your child wear their street shoes and change into dance shoes at the studio.  Timely arrival to class is important and attendance at all classes is expected.     Make-ups are for emergencies only.